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Moss Destruction

A rogue-lite, twin stick action shooter, with a well-balanced ranking up system and hand-crafted visuals. · By Shotgun with Glitters


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Update 1.3 "Glam"
UPDATE 1.3 "GLAM" Visual mech mods now available! Upgrade your mech in style with these flashy, new babies, all true to the current Mossorian battle fashion tr...
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Moss Destruction 1.2 "Worlds Apart" out now!
Greetings Moss Folks! Lots of news here once again. We've made major mods on Moss Destruction, some of them you'll see right away after starting the game! ;) Wh...
Update 1.1 Illuminate
Hey Moss Folks! We're back again with the first major update since the full release of Moss Destruction. We had a blast in the last month. All the anticipation...
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Moss Destruction is now available! Out of Early Access, the full release now includes: 3 unique worlds of isometric mayhem - amongst them the brand new Dark...
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Update 0.9.0 "DARK INBOUND" OUT NOW!
Hello Moss Folks! An unreal amount of time passed since our last public update. Nevertheless we can assure you that the time was worth all the waiting and prett...
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Update 0.8.0 "HOT" OUT NOW!
UPDATE 0.8 "HOT" With this update enters a new weapon: the Lava Gun! Fend off your enemies by creating massive blockades of lava traps around you, or use its...
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Update 0.7.5 "CERBERUS" OUT NOW!
Hullow Everyone! Have you all wrapped up the Blu Wilderness yet? You'd better, as more content is on the way with UPDATE 0.7.5 "CERBERUS" Harvested tons of Krys...
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Update 0.7.0 "Mini-Me" Out now!
Hello Everyone! Hope you are doing well after the Holidays! As for the team, we're all freshened up and in to tackle the various challenges the new year has in...
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hope you enjoy it
started by Coconut Mousse Jan 16, 2019
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In case anybody wants to see the beta version of the game being played =]
started by Moezuela Jan 05, 2019
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