Update 0.8.0 "HOT" OUT NOW!


  • With this update enters a new weapon: the Lava Gun! Fend off your enemies by creating massive blockades of lava traps around you, or use its blast effect against smaller groups of enemies approaching in a tighter bunch, also applying burn damage. Beware though that the lava puddles left behind can just as well hurt you! Not feeling secure? Equip the B.O.O.T.S. mech tech to protect yourself from all kinds of hazardous puddles.
  • We're through with a major balancing of the Blu Wilderness. All the foes got reevaluated and tweaked on. Some got stronger, others had to take back on the juice, firing methods, behaviours were changed, hopefully all adding up to a more coherent overall feeling while fighting in the jungles. Did it work? You tell us!
  • We hear you! As some of you already asked for, your Krysol counter is now displayed at the beginning of levels and close to the shop portal. 
  • The fog in the shop got dissolved.
  • Some cartridge prices were changed for more affordable upgrading patterns.
  • Got rid of the oh-so-annoying constant buzzing sound of the laser sights of Sniper Guards adding up in a level.
  • Your PET could easily block your movement inside tight fort walls. Kicking it around, cursing and yelling, usually the next thing you knew was that you had swallowed a rocket from a Zuka Guard. We got rid of that and the PET will no longer get in your way.
  • Enemies in forts will no longer be able to cause damage through walls.
  • Solved the issue where the shop prices were blocked by the environment.
  • Fixed the issue where the Spyglass picked up wouldn't hold out for the whole run. We could say that this is all, but... the the evil that we warned you about last time... It is creeping up our way, getting closer by the minute..... Again, thanks for all the support and feedback you guys give us! You are awesome! Have something to say to us? Send your opinions, reports and comments in the dedicated Steam threads or to contact@shotgunwithglitters.com  Keep in touch on our Discord Server here: http://shotgunwithglitters.com/discord Make sure to check out and follow our Facebook and Steam pages as well! Stay tuned for more content and regular updates! Also, for more to get revealed... Cheers, The SwG Team


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Jan 22, 2019
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Jan 22, 2019
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Jan 22, 2019

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