Update 0.9.0 "DARK INBOUND" OUT NOW!

Hello Moss Folks!

An unreal amount of time passed since our last public update. Nevertheless we can assure you that the time was worth all the waiting and pretty soon we'll be ready to introduce a the most thrilling world yet to complete the Moss adventure. But let's first take a look at what's new in the existing worlds.


  • A new weapon enters the arsenal: the Scorcher. A special weapon that will create a devastating aura around the mech, burning up enemies with a great deal of damage inside over time. Because of the uncontrollable heat, the player will also suffer 1 damage with each use. The blazing aura will last for 5 seconds, it does not however protect the player from incoming damage.
  • Because the community asked for this modification, the use of the exit portal now requires a confirmation.
  • As a long asked for option, the keyboard and mouse controls can now be remapped.
  • Also as asked for: options can now be changed under the in-game pause menu too.
  • No more empty mech tech screen! We added some further mech techs that will stick once you installed all the others. Will you see them all? 
  • Stronger now: beware that the desert boss' projectiles won't dissolve now over distances and it just got a whole lot harder to juggle your way around them unharmed. The Severe Serpent also got more agile and viscous in the Blu.
  • Bosses received a lifebar so that you can now easily follow up on the carnage you're causing them. 
  • Players with controllers will now be able to go back to previous menus in the game by simply pressing the B/ circle button
  • An option is granted now in the options menu to reset all tutorial texts.
  • Stats 2.0: as lots of you reported several problems with the stats system, we reworked the whole thing from bottom to top, hopefully providing now a much more reliable mass of data. Oh, and your highest combo ever is now getting displayed in your stats! The race is on!
  • Mosses and Don Grandmoss got their own models in their mechs now. How cool is that?
  • The content of weapon loot boxes got rearranged, providing now a richer looting experience.
  • The Poing gun got its well deserved own model and icon. 
  • At long last, we found the cause and got rid of the bug where some guns would randomly stop doing damage until the weapons got switched. Once again, this was solved with the help of the community! Cheers! 
  • The minimap now stays up to date with the enemies already slaughtered when the effect of the spyglass is active.
  • Fixed the issue where you could easily miss the Beamhead of the Blu by firing over its head. 
  • Convenience issues: fixed the one where switching from Dr Gizmoss at the character selection screen would render the Stork's extra cartridge slot empty.
  • Corrected the typos you guys told us about in tutorials and descriptions. Tahnk you!
  • Added a credits screen! :) Once more, thanks for all the support and feedback you guys give us! You rock! Have something to say to us? Send your opinions, reports and comments in the dedicated Steam threads or send them to contact@shotgunwithglitters.com  Keep in touch on our Discord Server here: http://shotgunwithglitters.com/discord The time is critically near to unleash the full Moss experience. With the darkness spreading and a bad moon rising, the coming of the third episode overshadows the yet obscure future of all Mossorians. Prepare for the mystical elements of DARK MOON MAGIC Please note that with the conclusive world introduced, Moss Destruction will soon leave early access stage. With the full release will come tons of content, new weapons, new achievements and more! Make sure to grab the game for a more than fair price while still in early access as the price will take a moderate leap with the full release in correspondence with new and crispy content. See you guys next time with the full release of Moss Destruction! Cheers, An overexcited SwG Team


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Feb 16, 2019
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Feb 16, 2019
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Feb 16, 2019

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