Moss Destruction 1.2 "Worlds Apart" out now!

Greetings Moss Folks!

Lots of news here once again. We've made major mods on Moss Destruction, some of them you'll see right away after starting the game! ;) What else has happened? Let's have a look at 


Check out the new world map of Moss Destruction

  • Introducing: the scenario mode. To answer the call of many players saying that the game is too tough for a single run, we have divided the 3 worlds into 3 scenarios. You can now finish them separately if you prefer, or if you only have time for a shorter run at a given time. Once you finish a world, the next one will be unlocked and available to start from in the future. Finishing a strikingly successful run in the Dreary Desert and having installed your fav mech techs, you might not want to stop a perfect winning streak. That is perfectly fine and you have the option to venture on into the next world nevertheless with whatever loadout you got this far. If you decide to start from a further world, you'll also find some helpful gear upon spawning into the first level there. We also know that some of you live (and die??) for the sheer thrill of Moss McLeaning your way through all the 3 worlds in a single run and possibly even dive into further loops too. For you we have maintained an Endless mode, available once you have unlocked all the 3 worlds in the scenario mode.
  • 6 new, wild alien techs are now available to find. We also updated the random system of these in order to get a fair run each time.
  • Previously known alien techs are now easier to recognise with a small icon signaling their functions.
  • Moss Destruction now has Steam Cloud Integrity, so that your progress won't be lost with an uninstall.
  • The crosshair got smaller, as asked for.
  • We got rid of the enemies spawning into walls.
  • 'Oh, I see you kids met!' achievement can be obtained once again.
  • Fixed the cloaking field gen. We greatly appreciate your help and support in developing Moss Destruction and as always, remember to keep sending your comments and suggestions in the dedicated Steam threads or send them to or join the community in out Discord server here: Keep on being awesome! The SwG Team

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