HO-HO-HO to you, Moss Folks! 

It's that special time of the year again! The sweet smell of Christmas Stollen is filling up the air of warm and cozy homes, families are huddled together on sofas to pass on the controller to play Moss Destruction while the snow is gently falling outside, Kevin is screaming in front of the mirror and the Nakatomi Plaza is on fire. Because of the special event we also wanted to give you a special, major update, so please accept


  • Explore and enjoy the full world of the Blu Wilderness! Complete with 15 unique enemies and a terrifying boss, this world is sure to give you a challenge for the Holidays! 
  • With the new world, new Mech Tech also had to follow: We give you 9 new Mech Techsand a level II upgrade for Last Stand.
  • We fixed the issue where the dissolving Camo Bug body could still block the players way.
  • Took out the non-existing 'laser gun' item that was dropped sometimes in the previous build.
  • An exit portal was put into the Blu shop, so that you won't get stuck there anymore.
  • The Bomb Bot got back its rightful VFX, going out with a proper BOOM now.
  • The shotgun used to have a slight miscalibration in its aim. Got rid of that.
  • Fixed the issue where the tutorial texts for portals came up only when entering, causing some future disturbances in the following level.
  • Gave back the Sawblade its previous glory, after it suffered some loss in strength.
  • The invisible collider in gates is now gone. Thank you once again for all of you who helped us reach today's milestone! We hope that you will have tons of fun with the new features of the game too! Please keep in mind that as this is the first real debut of the new world and enemies, you will most likely run into some bugs and errors at this point. Make sure to let us know about these on the dedicated Steam thread or via contact@shotgunwithglitters.com  We appreciate your opinion! The Shotgun Team will now take some time off for a well earned rest to refill on depleted energies and will respawn fully charged next year. As we are about to close an awesome year, full of excitements, we would like to take the opportunity to thank you and wish you all a Merry Xmoss and a Happy New Year! :) Keep in touch on our Discord Server here: http://shotgunwithglitters.com/discord Make sure you check out and follow our Facebook[www.facebook.com] and BrightLocker[www.brightlocker.com] pages as well! Cheers,

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